Submerge, Danny Eastwood

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Phil Noto!

Recent work by the infallible Phil Noto:

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More fun Quiet shots, this time from Colossalcon. All courtesy of the talented M1Photo, who you can find on Flickr or Facebook! The guy managed to make mid-day harsh sunlight work, and any photographer knows that’s no easy feat.

I have no idea what this is cosplay for but I like it.

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Sucking in the Seventies

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Just type it

Typography built with wooden slats by Txaber graphic designer and artist from Bilbao. While loving letters and designing characters with new fantastic ideas, he made this wood lettered nike logo sign and a whole alphabet with it. As he says:” Experimentation is a constant in his work.” Enjoy it!

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KEM Weber, streamline chair, 1930s. Chromed steel. For Lloyd’s, USA.

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Wallvave Vibration: Installacions by Loris Cecchini

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Japaneses Poster: Marunouchi Cherry Blossom Festival. Yoshihiro Yagi / Ai Ishimatsu / Eri Ohno. 2012

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Palast (France) - Textures of Time (2014)

Palast Photographie was founded in 2005 by Julien Manigand, still life photographer working in Paris, France. Thierry Peureux, retoucher, joined him in 2011. Together they develop their activity on product photography, working with high-end brands such as Baccarat, Roger Vivier or Hennessy.

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Palast | artist found at Behance Featured Projects]

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Kilian Eng

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wake up

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(by Emanuele Serraino)

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I actually really needed to read this right now.

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